Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Fundraising!

Challenging your family? Your mates? Want to conquer the course in the best way possible? Taking on the Mud Monster Mud Rush, training for the event and raising money for your school or club is EASY and FUN! Train and get ready for Mud Rush and help support your school or club by collecting pledges for your training leading up to the event.

When you register as a fundraising participant, you will collect pledges (or flat donations) prior to the event. From there, you record your training time on the pledge form leading up to the event. The more you train, the more money you raise and the better you can take on the course!

EXAMPLE: If Uncle John pledges $.50 for every 15 minutes of training leading up to the event and you log a total of 7 hours before event day, that’s $14 just from Uncle John.

  • Get 10 family members and friends to do the same and that’s $140!
  • If Uncle John simply wants to donate a flat amount, that’s an option as well.

How it Works

  • Click here to follow the standard registration process for the event and enter Mud Rush!
  • After you complete your registration, you will be given the option to select which school or club you are supporting. Click on your organisation and then fill out the info sheet with your details
  • Your school or club must have registered with us in order for you to fundraise. All registered schools and clubs will be listed after you complete your registration. If your school or club has not registered – encourage them to! All information can be found under the fundraising page. If your school or club registers as a participation organisation after you’ve already registered for the event – DON’T WORRY, just contact us at events@harboursport.co.nz and we can sign you up
  • Once you have completed and submitted this form, there will be a link for you to download your Pledge Sheet and Training Log! Print this off and you can start collecting pledges and tracking your training!
  • Remember to write down each of your training sessions, and to collect your pledges no later than 3 days after the event
  • Hand your pledge sheet, training log and all donations into the coordinator at your school or club no later than September 13th

Have a question? Get in touch with our team at events@harboursport.co.nz for further information