Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Fundraising!

Putting the “FUN” back in Fundraising

Mud Monster Mud Rush is a hassle free, efficient way to give schools and sports clubs the opportunity to raise money in conjunction with a professionally coordinated event – without the stress or legwork of planning and paying for it.


Fundraising Benefits

We make it easy for you to get involved – plus you keep 100% of donations collected!

  • Nothing to sell
  • Nothing to distribute
  • No set-up or event planning
  • Encourages children to get involved in fun physical activity
  • Best of all, your school or club keeps 100% of donations collected!


How Fundraising Works

Fundraising is as easy as encouraging every child to go outside and BE ACTIVE! Each child will collect pledges (or flat donations) prior to the event. From there, they record their training time on the pledge form leading up to the Mud Monster Mud Rush.


EXAMPLE: If Uncle John pledges $.50 for every 15 minutes of training leading up to the event and a child logs a total of 7 hours before event day, that’s $14 just from Uncle John.

  • Get 10 family members and friends to do the same and that’s $140!
  • If 10 students from a class did that prior to the Mud Monster Mud Rush, that’s $1,400!
  • If Uncle John simply wants to donate a flat amount, that’s an option as well.


Getting Started

  • As soon as you decide to be involved with the Mud Rush Fundraiser Programme, contact us through our website to register your school or sports club. You will be asked to designate a coordinator and their contact information will be required prior to completion.
  • We will send you some digital promotional material and ideas to get everyone excited about the event. Make sure you also book in an assembly with our events team!
  • Once you have registered your school or club, start promoting and encourage your students to register online. Make sure they select your school or club at the time they register, and then have them print off their pledge sheets and training logs.
  • Students cannot fundraise if they have not registered online to participate in the Mud Monster Mud Rush. Schools or clubs that would like to pay for an entire class or group of students to participate is completely fine. Schools or clubs wanting to cover entry fees of students if certain pledge targets are met is also fine, but the participants must register for the event first and then the organization can provide re-imbursement depending on how they have set up their promotional guidelines.
  • Encourage your students to start training and start securing pledges! All donations are to be collected within 3 days after the event and turned into your school or club’s coordinator. Students must return their pledge and training log forms at this time.
  • It’s easy to use PE classes and school activity or fitness clubs as training too!


Event Info

  • September 7th & 8th at Massey University Albany Campus
  • Entry Fee: $30 per person (Early Bird until 21st July), $35 per person (Standard Registration until 6th September) – Group discounts for Early Bird registrations!
  • Participants can enter to run in any wave from 9am12pm. Children can register with their family and friends to run together.



Check out our website www.mudmonstermudrush.co.nz for more info! Contact events@harboursport.co.nz or call 09 415 4652 for more information, to book a site for your school gazebo or to sign up and get started!